Add To Your WishlistViolet Leaf Absolute Oil at 5% dilution.

Add To Your WishlistViolet Leaf Absolute Oil at 5% dilution.

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    Violet Leaf Absolute Oil at 5% dilution in 95% Grapeseed (to make it more economical to purchase, still a very strong aroma) 10ml

    Botanical name: Viola Odorata Origin: Egypt

    Description: Also called Sweet Violet. Extracted from the Violet plant, it is an absolute solvent extraction.

    Aromatic scent: Earthy, leafy, herbaceous aroma with subtle floral notes. Scent is characteristic of Parma violet sweets.

    Perfume note: Middle

    Consistency: slightly thicker oil

    What is it good for: This product is used in the perfume industry and has medicinal uses. It is often a key ingredient in floral scents and has soothing anti-inflammatory properties. It is said to encourage security, courage, confidence, gentleness, and upliftment."

    Suggested Usage: It is best to dilute essential oil in carrier oil such as Grape seed. Start with 1% essential oil to 99% carrier and increase essential oil until you have desired aroma strength. The oils will evaporate naturally and so you can also remove the cap and place on a high shelf (away from children and pets), to diffuse fragrance into a room.

    Possible side effects: Even when diluted, an essential oil can cause a bad reaction if you use too much or use it too often. That's true even if you're not allergic or unusually sensitive to them.13 Aug 2018

    Safety: For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on children, or when pregnant or while using medication. Keep out of reach of children.
    An essential oil should not be used instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice. Never self prescribe and if in doubt please ask your doctor. Do not use on sensitive skin and always do a small test of the oil before use. If an allergic reaction occurs, wash off the oil with soap and water and then seek medical attention.
    Bottle: These bottles are designed for pharmaceutical use, they are impact resistant but care should be taken with glass bottles on hard surfaces. The bottles are designed in Austria, using green natural glass, they are not sprayed. They can be recycled over and over again.